We believe that students know very little about the educational and research possibilities of the other V4 countries. We are going to highlight that mobility between V4 countries during higher career is an interesting and attractive option. In STEM Camp students will present their countries’ achievements and will work jointly on projects. All these international activities can contribute to change students’ attitudes towards mobility which now target mainly the Western countries. The friendships formed during the camp are also a good basis for cooperation at a later stage of their career.

The main objective is to increase the number of STEM professionals in V4 countries in order to sustain the economical growth by supporting girls to achieve a career in STEM professions preferably in the V4 region by arranging a V4 STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) CAMP for high school girls who are interested in STEM education. The girls will be provided by a science related program frameworked with gamification.

Project partners

genderstudiesGender Studies, o.p.s. is a Czech NGO with more than 20-year history of addressing gender stereotypes and inequalities, both nationally and internationally. Since 2004 we have been working on the issues related to gender and workplace, the horizontal gender segregation of the labour market.


The main aim of Aj Ty v IT (You also in IT) is to motivate young girls to study Information Technology and increase women ‘s participation in technology in Slovakia. Slovakia is missing women in STEM field, we are changing this stereotypes of “masculine” field and bringing news in this sector.


Since 1998 the Perspektywy Education Foundation is working for the general good in the area of education, science and culture. Its flagship projects are: the educational rankings (High Schools Ranking, Universities Ranking, MBA Ranking, STEM Schools Ranking), “Study in Poland”  project.